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Åsnes X-Skin Nylon

The Åsnes X-Skin Nylon is a high-quality ski skin that is well-suited to cross-country skiing in a variety of snow conditions. Its durability, grip, and glide make it a popular choice among serious cross-country skiers who want a reliable and versatile ski skin.

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Product Description

Åsnes X-Skin Nylon

Åsnes X-Skin Nylon is a type of ski skin designed for cross-country skiing and can be used on all mountain skis. Ski skins are strips of material that attach to the bottom of skis to provide extra traction on uphill slopes while allowing the skis to glide freely on flat and downhill terrain.

The skin is made of 100% nylon for the best possible durability and attachment, which provide good grip and glide in a variety of snow conditions. The nylon fibers are durable and provide a good grip on hard-packed snow. The nylon trap is excellent for wet and heavy snow, as well as on sharp roads.

One of the unique features of the Åsnes X-Skin Nylon is that it has an integrated attachment system that allows the skins to be quickly and easily attached to and removed from the ski. This means that skiers can switch between using skins and regular skis as needed, without having to spend a lot of time fiddling with the attachments.

  • 30mm is best suited to the narrow mountain/field models such as Mountain Race 46, Mountain Race 48, Mountain Race 48 SKIN and Mountain Race Jr.
  • 45mm is best suited to medium wide mountain skis such as Amundsen, Amundsen Fram, Nansen, Cecilie, Liv, Gamme 54
  • 58mm is best suited to wide mountain skis such as Ingstad, Tonje, Breidablikk, Kongsvold, Falketind 62, Falketind 68 and Combat Nato

Tech Specs

  • Material: 100% nylon
  • Length: 650mm
  • Width: 30mm | 45mm | 58mm
  • Weight: 70g | 100g | 120g