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The Åsnes X-Skin MIX ski skins are a versatile product that provide good grip and glide in a variety of snow conditions. The blend of mohair and nylon fibers, along with the integrated attachment system, make them a popular choice among cross-country skiers who want a reliable and easy-to-use ski skin.

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Product Description

Åsnes X-Skin MIX

The Åsnes X-Skin MIX is a type of ski skin designed for cross-country skiing that combines the benefits of both mohair and nylon fibers. The skin is made from a blend of 65% mohair and 35% nylon fibers, which provides a good balance of grip and glide in a variety of snow conditions. The skin has a skin-protector at the front to keep snow and ice from building up and to maintain its stability over long distances. This skin is completely free of  PFOA/PFC (fluorocarbons).

  • Material: The skins are made from a blend of mohair and nylon fibers, which provide good grip and glide in a variety of snow conditions.
  • Integrated attachment system: The skins have an integrated attachment system that allows them to be quickly and easily attached to and removed from the ski. This makes it easy to switch between using skins and regular skis as needed.
  • Shape: The skins are designed to fit specific ski models and come in a variety of sizes to ensure a perfect fit. This helps to maximize the skin’s grip and minimize the amount of snow that gets under the skin.
  • Water-resistant: The nylon fibers in the skin are water-resistant, which helps to prevent them from becoming waterlogged and heavy.
  • Lightweight: The mohair fibers are lightweight, which helps to reduce the weight of the ski overall and makes it easier to maneuver.

Tech Specs

  • Color: Blue
  • Material: 65% mohair / 35% nylon
  • Length: 650mm
  • Width: 45mm | 58mm
  • Weight: 45mm: 90 g | 58mm: 100 g



Åsnes is a renowned Norwegian brand that has a history of producing high-quality skis for touring and mountaineering for over 100 years. The brand was established by the Åsnes family in 1922, and in 1933, they built their first factory.

The company expanded over the years and experienced significant success, manufacturing over 137,000 pairs of skis in 1977. However, the beginning of the 1980s was a challenging time, and in 1998 the company declared bankruptcy. This led to the establishment of a new company called Åsnes Ski AS. Currently, Åsnes Ski AS is a subsidiary of Active Brands AS, which continues to operate the brand.

Today, Åsnes is a world leader in the production of backcountry nordic skis, also known in Norway as “fjellski,” and is the preferred choice for skis among polar expeditions worldwide. Additionally, the brand is a distributor of trap brands such as Colltex and Pomoca. Åsnes is famous for its alpine and cross-country skis, touring poles, and patented trap lock introduced in 2003.

Apart from skis, Åsnes also produces other ski-related equipment such as bindings, poles, and skins. The company has a strong focus on sustainability and uses environmentally friendly materials and production methods wherever possible.

Åsnes has a long history of supplying the Norwegian military with skis, and the brand is also popular among international expeditions and adventure skiers. Despite the production being moved out of Norway, Åsnes still designs and constructs its skis in Voss, Norway, and continues to be a market leader in mountain skiing and leading other developments in the category.