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Explore the Åsnes Cecilie BC Skis, designed in collaboration with Cecilie Skog, offering easy turning and excellent float for adventurous women tackling diverse terrain.

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Product Description

Åsnes Cecilie BC Skis: Designed for Adventurous Women

Discover the Åsnes Cecilie BC Skis, designed specifically for adventurous women who love hiking and skiing in the great outdoors. Developed in collaboration with well-known adventurer Cecilie Skog, these skis offer exceptional turning capabilities and superb floatation, thanks to their optimal width and unique design.

The Cecilie Skis come equipped with a full steel edge and a moderate camber, making them perfect for female skiers who value both performance and style. Experience the thrill of exploring mountain landscapes with the confidence that comes from using top-quality equipment tailored to your needs.

Featuring Åsnes’ patented skin lock system, the Cecilie BC Skis make it easy to attach and remove climbing skins, ensuring a hassle-free skiing experience every time you hit the slopes. Trust in the expertise of Cecilie Skog, the only woman to have conquered the Seven Summits and reached both the North and South Poles, as well as completing numerous other expeditions.

Unleash your adventurous side and conquer the mountains with Åsnes Cecilie BC Skis, designed for women who dare to dream big and explore the world’s most breathtaking landscapes.

Tech Specs

  • Steel edge
  • Skin insert
  • Sintered and spreadable
  • Material: Poplar wood core
  • Use: varied terrain
  • Construction: cap
  • Binding: bc / 75mm
  • Width: 76-56-66
  • Weight: 895g per ski (180cm)
  • Made in Czech Republic

Size Charts

Body length Weight (kg) Ski length
-160 cm -55 170
155-165 55-65 175
160-175 60-70 180
170-175 65-75 185
175-180 70-80 190




Åsnes is a renowned Norwegian brand that has a history of producing high-quality skis for touring and mountaineering for over 100 years. The brand was established by the Åsnes family in 1922, and in 1933, they built their first factory.

The company expanded over the years and experienced significant success, manufacturing over 137,000 pairs of skis in 1977. However, the beginning of the 1980s was a challenging time, and in 1998 the company declared bankruptcy. This led to the establishment of a new company called Åsnes Ski AS. Currently, Åsnes Ski AS is a subsidiary of Active Brands AS, which continues to operate the brand.

Today, Åsnes is a world leader in the production of backcountry nordic skis, also known in Norway as “fjellski,” and is the preferred choice for skis among polar expeditions worldwide. Additionally, the brand is a distributor of trap brands such as Colltex and Pomoca. Åsnes is famous for its alpine and cross-country skis, touring poles, and patented trap lock introduced in 2003.

Apart from skis, Åsnes also produces other ski-related equipment such as bindings, poles, and skins. The company has a strong focus on sustainability and uses environmentally friendly materials and production methods wherever possible.

Åsnes has a long history of supplying the Norwegian military with skis, and the brand is also popular among international expeditions and adventure skiers. Despite the production being moved out of Norway, Åsnes still designs and constructs its skis in Voss, Norway, and continues to be a market leader in mountain skiing and leading other developments in the category.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Åsnes Cecilie BC Skis specifically designed for women?

Yes, the Åsnes Cecilie BC Skis are designed in collaboration with Cecilie Skog and tailored to suit the needs of women seeking an optimal and enjoyable skiing experience in the mountains.

What makes the Åsnes Cecilie BC Skis unique?

The Åsnes Cecilie BC Skis feature good turn-in and width, making them easy to maneuver and providing excellent float properties. They have a full steel edge and a moderate gait that is suitable for women.

Can I use Åsnes' patented trap lock with the Åsnes Cecilie BC Skis?

Yes, the Åsnes Cecilie BC Skis come with Åsnes' patented trap lock, making them compatible with the system for easy attachment of climbing skins.

How do I choose the right ski length for the Åsnes Cecilie BC Skis?

Ski length is determined based on factors such as body length, weight, skill level, and individual preferences. Consider your skiing ability, terrain, weight, and personal habits when choosing the right length and model.

Are these skis suitable for beginners?

Yes, the Åsnes Cecilie BC Skis are designed to be easy to maneuver, making them suitable for both beginners and more experienced skiers looking for a fun and versatile mountain ski.

Who is Cecilie Skog and what role did she play in the development of these skis?

Cecilie Skog is a renowned adventurer, polar explorer, and climber, known for her Seven Summits achievements and reaching both the South and North Poles. She collaborated with Åsnes in the development of the Cecilie BC Skis to ensure they meet the needs of adventurous women.

How do I choose the right ski length for the Åsnes skis?

Selecting the appropriate ski length depends on factors such as body length, weight, skill level, terrain, and individual preferences. Use the provided table as a guide, but remember that your skiing ability, terrain, weight, packing, and personal habits also play a role in the decision.

What is the difference between skiing in rough terrain and open mountain expanses in terms of ski length?

In rough terrain, shorter skis are generally recommended for better maneuverability, while open mountain expanses may require longer skis for better stability and glide.

Are shorter skis recommended for beginners?

Yes, shorter skis are often easier for beginners to handle and maneuver, making them a suitable choice for those new to skiing.

How does my weight affect my choice of ski length?

If you are lighter than average, consider choosing slightly shorter skis for better control. Conversely, if you are heavier, you may need longer skis for better support and stability.

Should I choose longer skis if I often ski with heavy gear?

Yes, if you frequently carry heavy gear while skiing, it's advisable to opt for slightly longer skis to accommodate the extra weight and maintain stability.

How important is the ski's span when skiing in beaten tracks?

In beaten tracks, the ski's span plays a more significant role in determining how well you float in the snow rather than the ski's length. Choose a ski with an appropriate span to ensure optimal performance on groomed trails.

How should I clean my Åsnes Cecilie BC Skis after use?

Gently remove any snow or dirt from the skis using a soft brush or cloth. If needed, use a mild detergent and lukewarm water to clean the skis thoroughly. Wipe the skis down with a clean, dry cloth, and ensure they are completely dry before storing them.

How can I maintain the performance of the skis throughout the season?

Regularly check your skis for signs of wear and tear, and maintain the base by waxing as needed. Keep the edges sharp and rust-free by using a diamond stone or a gummy stone to remove any burrs or rust.

How should I store the Åsnes Cecilie BC Skis during the offseason?

Store your skis in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Before storing, clean the skis thoroughly and apply a layer of storage wax to the base to protect them. Bindings should be released to their lowest setting to minimize tension on the springs.

Is it necessary to wax the Åsnes Cecilie BC Skis before the first use?

Yes, it is recommended to wax the skis before the first use to ensure optimal glide and performance. Apply the appropriate wax based on the snow conditions and temperature for the best results.

How often should I wax my Åsnes Cecilie BC Skis?

The frequency of waxing depends on the conditions in which you ski and the type of wax used. In general, you should wax your skis every 3-5 days of skiing or when you notice a decrease in glide.