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Discover the Åsnes Cecilie BC Waxless Skis, designed with adventurer Cecilie Skog, for an effortless backcountry skiing experience that lets you explore diverse terrains with ease and freedom.

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Product Description

Åsnes Cecilie BC Waxless Skis: Effortless Adventure for Women

Cecilie BC Waxless is a grease-free ski, almost identical to the bestseller Cecilie BC, developed in collaboration with adventurer Cecilie Skog. It has a full steel edge, moderate gait, and is suitable for girls. The ski offers easy handling, good flow properties, and a small and low tension curve that guarantees good grip in any snow condition. The ski also features Åsnes’ patented trap lock and a self-developed “shell pattern” that works well in several snow conditions. X-skin short traps are recommended for optimal use, and all Waxless skis come with an integrated trap lock for a simple and reliable combination without lubrication or glue.

Cecilie Skog is one of the world’s leading adventurers, specializing in polar exploration and mountaineering. She holds the distinction of being the first woman to reach both the South and North Poles, as well as the highest peaks on each of the seven continents (known as the Seven Summits). This incredible feat is referred to as “The Explorers Grand Slam.” Additionally, Cecilie has crossed Greenland multiple times and has successfully climbed several peaks over 8,000 meters, including Cho Oyu and K2.

  • Waxless base: The skis come with a waxless base, which means you don’t need to apply wax to the base for grip.
  • Versatile design: The skis are versatile and can be used for different types of backcountry skiing, including touring and off-trail skiing.
  • Lightweight: The skis are relatively lightweight, making them easy to maneuver and carry.
  • Steel edges: The skis have steel edges, which provide better control and stability on icy or hard-packed snow.
  • Wood core: The skis are made with a lightweight wood core that provides strength and durability.
  • Skin insert, which is a removable section of the ski base that can be replaced with a skin. The skin insert provides extra grip and traction when skiing uphill, particularly on steep or icy terrain.
  • Sizing: The skis are available in various lengths to suit different skiers’ heights and weights.
  • Binding compatibility: The skis are compatible with most types of backcountry ski bindings, providing flexibility for skiers to choose the bindings they prefer.

Tech Specs

  • Steel edge
  • Skin insert
  • Waxless
  • Material: poplar wood core
  • Use: grease-free all-round mountain skis
  • Construction: Cap
  • Binding: bc/75mm
  • Width: 76-56-66
  • Weight: 895g per ski (180cm)
  • Made in Czech Republic

Size Charts

Body length Weight (kg) Ski length
-160 cm -55 170
155-165 55-65 175
160-175 60-70 180
170-175 65-75 185
175-180 70-80 190




Åsnes is a renowned Norwegian brand that has a history of producing high-quality skis for touring and mountaineering for over 100 years. The brand was established by the Åsnes family in 1922, and in 1933, they built their first factory.

The company expanded over the years and experienced significant success, manufacturing over 137,000 pairs of skis in 1977. However, the beginning of the 1980s was a challenging time, and in 1998 the company declared bankruptcy. This led to the establishment of a new company called Åsnes Ski AS. Currently, Åsnes Ski AS is a subsidiary of Active Brands AS, which continues to operate the brand.

Today, Åsnes is a world leader in the production of backcountry nordic skis, also known in Norway as “fjellski,” and is the preferred choice for skis among polar expeditions worldwide. Additionally, the brand is a distributor of trap brands such as Colltex and Pomoca. Åsnes is famous for its alpine and cross-country skis, touring poles, and patented trap lock introduced in 2003.

Apart from skis, Åsnes also produces other ski-related equipment such as bindings, poles, and skins. The company has a strong focus on sustainability and uses environmentally friendly materials and production methods wherever possible.

Åsnes has a long history of supplying the Norwegian military with skis, and the brand is also popular among international expeditions and adventure skiers. Despite the production being moved out of Norway, Åsnes still designs and constructs its skis in Voss, Norway, and continues to be a market leader in mountain skiing and leading other developments in the category.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Cecilie BC and the Cecilie BC Waxless skis?

The Cecilie BC Waxless skis have a waxless sole, while the Cecilie BC skis require waxing for optimal performance. Other than that, the skis are similar.

What is the skin insert on the Åsnes Cecilie BC Waxless Skis?

The skin insert is a removable section of the ski base that can be replaced with a skin for extra grip and traction when skiing uphill.

Are the Åsnes Cecilie BC Waxless Skis suitable for beginners?

The skis are designed for intermediate to advanced skiers, but can still be used by beginners with some experience.

What is the recommended terrain for the Åsnes Cecilie BC Waxless Skis?

The skis are optimal for mountain hikes and backcountry skiing, and can handle a range of terrain and snow conditions.

What length should I choose for the Åsnes Cecilie BC Waxless Skis?

The length of the ski depends on your weight, height, and skiing ability. Consult the size chart provided by the manufacturer or speak with a knowledgeable ski technician for guidance.

How do I attach skins to the skin insert on the Åsnes Cecilie BC Waxless Skis?

The skin insert is designed to be compatible with most types of climbing skins, which can be easily attached to the base of the ski using the provided clips or adhesive.

Can I use the Åsnes Cecilie BC Waxless Skis for cross-country skiing?

The skis are not designed for traditional cross-country skiing, but can be used for backcountry touring and off-trail skiing.

Does terrain affect the choice of ski length?

Yes, rough terrain requires shorter skis than open mountain expanses. It is important to consider the terrain when selecting the appropriate ski length.

Is it easier for beginners to use shorter skis?

Yes, for beginners, it will often be easier with short skis.

Does the weight of the skier affect the ski length choice?

Yes, if the person is lighter than average, they should consider shorter skis, and vice versa if they are heavier.

Does the weight of packing affect the ski length choice?

Yes, if you often go with heavy gear, the skis should be a little longer to provide better stability and floatation.

Is ski span more important than length when skiing in beaten tracks?

Yes, when skiing in beaten tracks, the length of the skis plays little role in terms of how well/badly you float in the snow, instead, the span is more important.