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The Rebel Duo, as the name suggests, is a two-person version of the popular Rebel 2K, with a double spraydeck, two large tube bags, and front and back fin mounts. A two-person packraft that leaves (almost) nothing to be desired.

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Product Description

Anfibio Rebel Duo Packraft

The Rebels’ spraydeck is distinctive. The Duo is no exception. The J-shaped closure, long chimneys, and sealed seams provide adequate coverage, ease of use, and mobility. The spraydeck expands the range of use to include cold, rain, spray, and wind. This is not only for comfort, but also for safety. The closure is not completely waterproof (some water can get in above the zipper velcro), but it is adequate in most situations. The spraydeck can also be removed to create an open boat. This makes the packraft appealing for summer touring in hot climates or with frequent exits, transfers, or sightings.

In addition, the fin mount has been doubled, i.e. placed in front and back. On calm waters, one or two fins can be added for tracking, paddle efficiency, and speed.


The Rebel Duo, like its solo counterpart, is versatile and dependable in use, whether river touring, splashy waters, or lake. It is a boat for a variety of purposes. The weight of the boat, calculated per person, is still suitable for backpacking, as befits a packraft. Trekking tours are thus a feasible application.


A tightly inflated boat is required for a relatively long model with two people as the center of mass or force. For this purpose, a hand pump is appropriate.

Flexi-Seat System.

To accommodate paddling partners of various sizes, the seats and front backrest are individually attached to the boat via a fixation (similar to the Omega C2). Thread the cord through the seat retainer so that a boat-side tab is at both ends.

Support Cushion

The front backrest also acts as a support cushion for the spraydeck. This keeps water from pooling in the middle of the deck (between the partners). It should ideally be tightly inflated. Adjust the backrest to fit your body size and available space. The attachment tabs are directly beneath the spraydeck.

TubeBags (optional)

TubeBags are standard on the Rebel Duo, allowing for extended river trips with a lot of luggage ranging from family vacations to expeditions. The two centrally located, IPX7 waterproof luggage zippers with directly backed and airtight inner pockets provide a luggage storage space of 70 l each, directly in the tube.

  • Because of its design, the system is highly resistant to dirt and wear, and it cannot leak through the zipper.
  • The luggage is automatically positioned and secured to prevent slipping.
  • When compared to exterior bags, transporting inside ensures a low center of gravity and protection from moisture and wind.
  • The boat’s transport capacity has been significantly increased.

Stow the luggage (fill the inside pockets first), then close the zippers, and finally inflate the main air chamber. When disassembling, start by opening the main valve! Then unzip the zippers and remove the luggage.


The Rebel Duo is made of a special fabric (210/840den urethane nylon), which has a high tear and abrasion resistance despite its light weight. The tube coating’s smooth, shiny surface is particularly scratch resistant. Furthermore, the Rebel Duo has an overlapping bottom that protects the side tubes.

All of the seams on the boat are fully welded, and the tube seams are also sewn, resulting in a completely glue-free construction. This reduces weight, costs, and pollution! We are so confident in our construction that we offer a 3-year warranty on materials and workmanship.

Of course, no inflatable is indestructible, but in the (unlikely) event of damage, field repairs with LifePatch can be completed in a matter of minutes. Aquasure, a liquid urethane sealant, can be used to seal small pinholes.

Carbon footprint

Since 2018, all Anfibio Packrafts produced have been carbon offset through selected climate protection projects.

Tech Specs

Ships with:

  • Pack strap
  • Large inflation bag
  • Front block seat
  • Front back/deck cushion
  • Rear seat with backrest
  • Repair kit (tube and floor material)
  • Manual


  • Tubes: 210den Urethane Nylon (single-sided, multiple coating and gloss surface finish)
  • Floor: 840den Urethane Nylon (double-sided, multiple coating and surface finish)
  • Seats: 210den PU laminated Nylon
  • TubeBags: 210den Urethane Nylon (one-side single coated)
  • Spraydeck: 75den Urethane RipStop-Nylon (single side coated)


Symmetric hull, voluminous bow, voluminous stern, overlapping bottom, roll-up spraydeck with J-shaped zip-velcro-fastener, 8 grab loops (4 bow, 4 stern), main non-return valve, loop strap attachment for seats and backrests, two fins/skeg mounts (bow and stern).

Speed: 7kph

Buoyancy: 280kg

Workmanship: Glue-free construction with sewn and welded seams


  • Boat: 4570g
  • Rear seat: 330g
  • Front seat: 250g
  • Front cushion: 150g
  • Boat complete: 5300g
  • Pack strap: 25g
  • Inflation bag: 100g
  • Repair fabric: 20g
  • Dimensions*


  • Length: 230cm
  • Width: 35cm
  • Outer
  • Length: 350cm
  • Width: 99cm
  • Waterline: 330cm
  • Tube diameter: 32cm
  • Packing size: about 40 x 35cm

Available Colors: Green-Yellow, Silverlake Blue



Anfibio, founded by friends Marc Kreinacker and Sven Schellin, shares a passion for outdoor activities and water sports. Their mutual love for the outdoors led to a lasting friendship, and their interest in packrafting, combining ultralight hiking and paddling, inspired a community of like-minded adventurers. The brand name “Anfibio” reflects their commitment to versatile packrafting and their multifaceted roles as bloggers, specialist dealers, and packraft developers, incorporating Greek alphabet names into their product offerings for a unique touch.

Established in 2011 in Leipzig and Dresden, Anfibio empowers people to embark on land and water adventures while placing a strong emphasis on social and ecological responsibility. They prioritize human rights in their supply chains, advocate for nature protection, and maintain transparency in their actions and future plans. Guided by the United Nations Global Compact's ten principles, Anfibio supports sustainable corporate governance and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.