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This pump allows for the addition of extra pressure. Simple, with a long tube for easier access. Higher pressure is frequently desired in whitewater or tandem packrafts. It makes the boat more stable and responsive. It attaches to Anfibio, MRS, and possibly other valves (not Kokopelli and Nortik). Effective, convenient, and more hygienic.

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Product Description

Anfibio Hand Pump

Despite their low pressure design (primarily using an inflation bag and a mouth valve), all packrafts benefit greatly from some additional pressure (beyond your lungs). It makes the boat firmer and more responsive, especially on whitewater, long singles, and doubles. A stiffer hull improves performance. Or you’re just tired of pressingurizing your boat with your lungs, especially repeatedly. The long inflation tube enables use inside the boat (no need to get off). It is also more hygienic, especially when used by multiple people during the Covid-19 phase.

A pump is thus recommended, particularly for larger models (two person packrafts) or on moving waters (whitewater) where absolute boat control is required. However, due to the temperature difference between air and water, a hand pump can quickly and comfortably eliminate pressure drop during warm summer tours on cool water.

The small pump easily fits into the daypack or DeckPack and is thus always available when needed. Suitable for Anfibio, MRS, and possibly other valves. Its 70cm long tube ensures a pleasant and hygienic application of pressure and thus prevents moisture from entering the boat. The boats can withstand the extra pressure just fine. They do not, however, have a pressure relief valve, so pressurizing should be done with caution, especially in cold water and hot sun combinations. Common sense and intuition will guide you in the right direction.

A boat has never been seen to burst! However, as previously stated, pressure control is your responsibility. An (unreasonable) use cannot be justified.

Tech Specs

Function: Double Action Pump


  • Diameter: 5cm
  • Length: 29cm
  • Hose tube: 70cm

Weight: 125g

Fits for: Anfibio Packrafts, MRS Packrafts, maybe others