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Discover this ultralight, five-piece paddle with a customizable length (178-210cm) and adjustable blade angle. Ideal for packrafting, calm water trips, and as a spare or children’s paddle. Weighs only 480g.

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Product Description

Experience the convenience of this ultralight, five-piece paddle, featuring an adjustable length of 178-210cm and a freely configurable paddle blade angle. It’s the perfect companion for packrafting adventures that involve long hiking stages, and tranquil water excursions. With its light weight of just 480g, it also serves excellently as a spare paddle or as a children’s paddle.

Tech Specs

  • Weight: 480g
  • Blade size: 35 * 15 cm
  • Segment: 49cm
  • Length: 178-210cm
  • Diameter paddle shaft: 24mm
  • Parts: 5
  • Angle: freely adjustable
  • Material: nylon fiberglass blade, coiled fibreglass shaft



Anfibio, founded by friends Marc Kreinacker and Sven Schellin, shares a passion for outdoor activities and water sports. Their mutual love for the outdoors led to a lasting friendship, and their interest in packrafting, combining ultralight hiking and paddling, inspired a community of like-minded adventurers. The brand name “Anfibio” reflects their commitment to versatile packrafting and their multifaceted roles as bloggers, specialist dealers, and packraft developers, incorporating Greek alphabet names into their product offerings for a unique touch.

Established in 2011 in Leipzig and Dresden, Anfibio empowers people to embark on land and water adventures while placing a strong emphasis on social and ecological responsibility. They prioritize human rights in their supply chains, advocate for nature protection, and maintain transparency in their actions and future plans. Guided by the United Nations Global Compact's ten principles, Anfibio supports sustainable corporate governance and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.