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Amazonas T-Strap Hammock Suspension Rope


The tree-friendly hammock suspension set. Use with the Adventure & Travel hammock collection. Ideal for anyone who is looking to hang a hammock between two trees.

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Product Description

Amazonas T-Strap Hammock Suspension Rope

The T-strap is very protective of nature and does not cut into the bark due to the extra-wide tree surround. As a result, you can relax in your hammock among the trees with a clear conscience.

Set includes two special anchoring straps for hanging hammocks. The aluminium retaining pin acts as a practical connection to the hammock loop. It adopts a lateral position after being pushed through and remains properly secure. The 25 mm wide strap is gentle on the trees. The adjusting buckle allows the straps to be adjusted from 15 to 220 cm in length. The overall adjustment range is 30 to 440 cm.

Set of T-strap belts (2x belts with one retaining pin each)

Tech Specs

  • Total length: ca. 15 – 220 cm (2x)
  • Load-bearing capacity: max. 200 kg
  • Weight: ca. 250g
  • Material: polyester silk (weatherproof), aluminium, steel
  • Tree protection: Yes
  • Ultralight-Revolution: Light