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Ada-Bau Small Flat Pan is an excellent tool for open-fire cooking. Its unique design and removable wooden handle make it easy to use and handle, while its durable material ensures longevity. Enjoy frying fish, meat, and vegetables with this pan while experiencing the authentic art of “skill throwing” without knives or spatulas. Store in a dry and greasy place to prevent rusting.

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Product Description

Ada-Bau Small Flat Pan for Open-Fire Cooking: Genuine Slatted Pan with Removable Wooden Handle

Ada-Bau Small Flat Pan is a must-have for outdoor cooking enthusiasts who love to experience the authentic art of open-fire cooking. Made with a genuine and correct throwing angle slatted pan design, this pan is perfect for use over an open campfire, grill, or gas stove. It comes with a removable wooden handle that makes it easy to attach longer models like those made from a branch. The pan’s diameter is 23 cm, while the pan part diameter is 30 cm. The height of the pan part is 3.5 cm, with a total height of 20.5 cm including the stem. The length with handle is 65 cm, and the weight with handle is 670 g, while the weight without handle is 560 g.

To ensure optimal use of the pan, it is crucial to clean it before use. Remove any factory dust and grease, and you don’t need to grease the tin pan. The device is run in by frying a few patties as a model for “birds” and wiping the fat from the pan. Be cautious when using the pan as it can be scalding hot, and fat can splash from it when throwing the patties. Look around before throwing the pan to avoid hitting the person next to you, especially children.

This pan’s design is Finnish and was made by a scout with the experience of hundreds of trips. The angle of the edges is optimized for “skill throwing,” giving you the authentic experience of flipping a pan without using knives or spatulas. The stem is replaceable and can be tightened in place, and the iron part of the stem is attached by welding. The pan’s nest is made of sheet steel, which according to the author’s opinion, works best in harsh conditions. To prevent rusting, store the pan in a dry and greasy place.



Ada-bau is a brand founded by Heikki Kyyrö that specializes in manufacturing pancake pans. These pans are made in Finland from sheet steel, which, according to the founder, is the best and most functional material when it comes to campfire pans intended for outdoor cooking.