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Vuoma Company, a Finnish family-owned endeavor deeply connected to nature, celebrates the beauty of the outdoors. For more than two decades, the natural world has provided a sanctuary from busy entrepreneurial lives. Journeys have taken them to stunning landscapes, from Greenland and the Dolomites to the Arctic in Svalbard and Antarctica’s Queen Maud Land. However, the landscapes closest to their hearts have always been those within Finland, particularly the magnificent National Parks.

As they’ve spent more time away from urban environments, they’ve grown to appreciate the simple joys of canoeing on nearby lakes and gathering mushrooms and berries in their own forest. These experiences bring them as much happiness as their most memorable encounters with the wilderness. Their mission is to inspire everyone to explore Finland’s remarkable National Parks and enjoy the mental and physical well-being that nature offers. They are passionate about sharing the unique story of Finnish nature and its National Parks while actively contributing to their preservation. This is why Vuoma Company was founded.