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Skeeter Hawk is a mosquito repellent brand manufactured by the American company NEBO. Skeeter Hawk represents a new innovation in the field of flying insect control. The products developed by Skeeter Hawk do not rely on any harmful chemicals or toxins; instead, they utilize a combination of light, electricity, and essential oils for insect control.

The Skeeter Hawk product line includes portable and fixed devices, zappers, traps, and repellent products, all designed to effectively combat flying insects such as mosquitoes.

One notable aspect of NEBO’s manufacturing process is that they produce all their products in their own production facilities. This approach ensures transparency in the production chain and allows for greater assurance of the sustainability and responsible manufacturing practices of their products. This emphasis on responsible production and eco-friendly solutions aligns with the growing awareness of the importance of environmentally conscious practices in the development of insect control products.