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Mora is one of the world's largest knife manufacturers. Its history began in 1891, when master Eric Frost founded a knife factory. The largest knife company in Mora, Frost Knivfabrik, was born from that. In 1912, two other masters from the same city: Lock Anders Mattsson and Krang-Johan Eriksson founded Eriksson&Mattssons Knivfabrik. Both companies: KJ Eriksson and Frost Knivfabrik operated side by side throughout the year and were competitors. At the beginning of the 2000s, KJ Eriksson bought the shares of Frost Knivfabrik, and in 2005 the companies merged.
Morakniv has a wide range of products. It manufactures tourist, kitchen, work, garden, craft and fishing knives. In addition, it manufactures axes, flint and steel, diamonds and ceramic whetstones. The buyer has the opportunity to buy individual blades made of several different steels, such as carbon, laminate or stainless steel.
Today, many other knife manufacturers also make mora-style knives. A characteristic of the Morakniv company is that it uses blades made of 12C27 stainless steel, UHB-20C carbon steel, Triflex steel or very hard (HRC 61) carbon steel laminated between softer alloy steel.