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The story behind Light-my-fire products is actually a stick. In 1995, company founder Michael Odqvist discovered an ancient secret – MayaSticks. It was a quick, easy and reliable way to start a fire. These sticks were completely natural, made from waste – the stumps of felled pine trees in Guatemala. By starting fair trade production on a larger scale, Michael helped 400 Mayan descendants earn more money so they could send their children to school. A year later, lighters were introduced in Sweden. However, the products did not take off.


Unwilling to give up, Michael began researching alternative ways to sell MayaSticks. In 1996, it found a perfect match – a magnesium igniter developed and used by the Swedish military. In addition to being a great product, the Swedish FireSteel was also a suitable combination with TinderSticks. Michael established a factory for the product in Sweden.


However, the first product of the Light-my-Fire factory was the MealKit designed by Joachim Nordwall, which was introduced to the market in 2005. The set has five smart, practical parts – everything you need to eat outside in a civilized way. However, one part of the MealKit has attracted much more attention than the others and that is the Spork. Today, the Spork family has grown with Spork XM, Spork Little, Spork Large and Spork Titanium. More than 50 million Sporks have been sold in total. Spork is also the key to the distribution of Light My Fire now in 50 countries.


Today, the company’s high-quality outdoor products, designed with a smile and the entire color palette in mind, are all Light-my-Fire’s business. The company loves colors, design, functionality and outdoor activities, and also has fun. That’s why the products are so bright in color.