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At LifeStraw, the fundamental belief is that every individual should have equal access to safe drinking water. The organization designs products that seamlessly blend beauty, simplicity, and functionality while offering the highest level of protection against unsafe water, tailored to the unique circumstances and environments they serve. LifeStraw is dedicated to its responsibility to people and the planet. For each product sold, the company provides a year’s worth of safe water access to a child in need and has been actively engaged in the fight against Guinea worm disease for 25 years. As a Climate Neutral Certified B Corp, LifeStraw meticulously measures and minimizes its environmental impact across the entire product lifecycle, from creation to packaging. The organization is committed to supporting underserved communities through its actions, products, marketing, and communication, always keeping its mission to make a positive impact at the forefront of its efforts.

In everything the organization does, it is driven by the goal of creating a positive impact. LifeStraw is unwavering in its commitment to championing good causes and prioritizes taking decisive action to drive positive change, making it its mission to ensure that safe drinking water is accessible to all.