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HandiWorld focuses on introducing innovative concepts across various sectors, including motoring, camping, leisure, and gardening.

The product lineup comprises the HandiHoldall soft car roof box, HandiRack inflatable roof rack, and the CAMBA Moova multi-terrain sack truck. The aim is to enhance accessibility to camping, gardening, and outdoor sports by offering straightforward and cost-effective transportation solutions.

Investing in a HandiHoldall soft roof box and HandiRack roof bars for your vehicle can simplify road trips and significantly expand your packing options for your next adventure, making the packing process stress-free. The HandiRack is a user-friendly inflatable roof rack that can be easily installed in minutes and fits most cars. Meanwhile, the HandiHoldall soft roof box offers the benefits of a solid roof box without the storage challenges, as it can be conveniently folded and stored when not in use.