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Elsan Ekopaja is a company founded by three nurses specializing in designing and manufacturing bar soaps. They cultivate some of the raw materials themselves, including carrots and calendula flowers. Additionally, they have a backyard chicken coop, where the keratin-rich yolks from their silkie chickens' eggs are used in their bar shampoo.

The safety of their finished products is assessed by a cosmetics industry professional, and detailed safety information can be found on the European CPNP safety portal. Elsan Ekopaja maintains product quality according to GMP standards throughout the production process and uses green energy for soap production. Any soap scraps generated during production are recycled into new soap, with some donated to those in need and sent to crisis areas. All Elsan Ekopaja bar soap products are crafted at the Heinola Soap Factory using traditional handcrafting techniques. Their bar products have received the Key Flag Symbol by the Association for Finnish Work, signifying their Finnish origin and quality.