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Ticket-To-The-Moon Lightest Hammocks (320x140cm)

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The Lightest Hammock: made of ultra-thin material, it folds up extremely small. The first hammock that you can truly take anywhere, at any time. The Lightest Hammock is a special setup, that is made of a locally produced, high performance crinkle nylon textile. The use of special Dyneemacore cords further reduces weight and volume. Weighing only half a pound including express setting moon bag and carabiner. Include: small carabiners

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Product Description

Ticket-To-The-Moon Lightest Hammocks

When traveling long distances and every gram counts, even a standard travel hammock may be too heavy. We are excited to introduce the Lightest after many years of searching for an even lighter fabric that provides the level of safety and comfort that has become synonymous with Ticket to the Moon.

The Lightest is a one-of-a-kind configuration made of a locally produced, high-performance crinkle nylon textile. With a full length of 320 cm, our most technical hammock is longer than most Ultra Light hammocks. We designed an extremely light hammock that is comfortable even for taller people.

The use of special Dyneemacore cords reduces weight and volume even further. Only half a pound when you include the express setting moon bag and carabiner. This ultra-thin material folds up extremely small, making it the first hammock that you can truly take anywhere, at any time.

Tech Specs

  • Lightweight nylon 34g/m2- triple stitching
  • Hammock dimensions: 320 x 140 cm
  • Weight: 228 gr
  • ∅ 3-millimeter HMPE / PE loops
  • 10-year warranty



Ticket To The Moon

Ticket To The Moon is an independent camping manufacturer that has been operating in Bali, Indonesia, since 1996. As an ethical company, Ticket To The Moon thinks that it is more of a tribe than just a company: it not only develops and creates innovative and useful products, but also promotes different lifestyles.
The Ticket To The Moon foundation was founded by a notary in 2009.
Our main goal is to support the Sumbanese Kodi tribe in eastern Indonesia. It has developed health, education, cultural and development aid programs, and so far has successfully helped the local community build new infrastructure and training facilities, malaria prevention programs and access to clean water.
Ticket To The Moon offers its business partners and other interested parties the same opportunity to help these people as part of corporate responsibility programs and donations. A large part of the company's net income is still donated to the foundation.