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Keli x FabPatch Merino Wool Patch


You can patch a hole with the merino wool patch made in Finland without using an iron or a needle and thread. The patched clothing is immediately usable and can withstand machine washing.

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Product Description

Keli x FabPatch Merino Wool Patch

A new and innovative technique of extending the life of your favorite wool clothing, made of soft and flexible merino wool. 5 different patches made from 100 % mulesing free merino wool. Your merino wool long johns can be repaired for tears and holes without the need for ironing or sewing, and once they have been patched, they are immediately wearable.

The Keli x Vaatelaastari merino wool patch was created as a collaboration between Keli, which manufactures high-quality merino wool sportswear in Finland, and the Vaatelaastari brand, which fastens without ironing, allowing you to patch holes in clothes in a couple of minutes without ironing.

The patches are self-adhesive and can be applied while you’re on the go; a spoon or other hard object is all that’s required to press the patch on. Use two patches, one on either side of the hole or tear, for larger holes. Alternatively, you can use clean scissors to cut the patch into the desired shape.

Tech Specs

Material: Mulesing-free and ZQ-certified 100 % merino wool from New Zealand.
Manufactured in Finland
Wool knitted in Italy
Content: 2 pcs 6×6 cm and 3 pcs 3×3 cm patches




Keli is a Finnish company founded by an outdoors-loving couple. They specialize in crafting high-quality merino wool clothing for sports and outdoor activities.

Keli prioritizes the use of products from Finnish companies whenever possible in the finishing and packaging of their clothing. By choosing Keli products, you make an environmentally sustainable choice and support Finnish craftsmanship.