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The Crescent Moon Eva All-Foam is a fascinating, innovative shoe that has the qualities of both a sports shoe and a winter tire, making it possible to enjoy outdoor activities all winter.

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Product Description

Crescent Moon Eva Snowshoes

Normal foot movement, natural walking, and even running in the snow are all made possible by the flexible material and very well-designed shoes. Even on tougher terrain, the step is gentle and rolling. They walk just like regular hiking boots, adapting to the terrain because they lack the hinge mechanism found in other snowshoe models.

The quick and safe hook-and-loop fastening is simple and easy to use, and it adapts to the shoe for a perfect fit. The Eva All-Foam snowshoes are lightweight, comfortable, and quiet when in use, making them ideal for hikers or nature photographers who value quiet.

The rough sole and stud design ensure safe movement even in snowy conditions. Eva All-Foam snowshoes insulate the freezing ground better than regular snowshoes since polymer plastic is also a very insulating and warm material. Even in freezing temperatures, the elasticity remains, and the durable material does not break even with heavy use.

Tech Specs

  • Length: 61 cm
  • Weight: 800 g
  • Carrying capacity: Up to about 90 kg
  • Manufacturing material: Polymer plastic
  • Easy to use, fast velcro fastening.
  • Best suited for shoe sizes 38-46


Crescent Moon

Crescent Moon is an American company specializing in snowshoes. Their snowshoes are crafted from high-quality components designed for durability. The parts are easily repairable, and at the end of their lifespan, they can be largely recycled.
The plastics used in manufacturing do not contain PVC or VOC compounds. Additionally, at least 85% of the aluminum and stainless steel used in snowshoe production is recycled material. The energy used in manufacturing these products is generated entirely from 100% wind power.