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Voyager Pasta and Chicken with Curry Sauce


This chicken curry Pasta meal comes in a bag that can be completely burned in a bonfire. With its compact and lightweight bag, this small meal rehydrates quickly in hot water, and your meal is ready to serve in 5 minutes.

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Product Description

Voyager Pasta and Chicken with Curry Sauce

This freeze-dried meal combines curry, chicken, and pasta to give it the delicious flavor of Indian cooking.  The food bag, which weighs only 80 g, is perfect for enjoying a meal in the great outdoors, such as on a sailing adventure.  It is high in proteins and provides close to 316 Kcal in calorie intake, which will boost your energy for physical activities.

  • Rehydrates quickly, meal is ready in 5 minutes
  • One of the best-selling freeze-dried meals from ´Voyager´, a ´Falières Nutrition´s French brand.
  • Pair this dish with an energy bar for full energy intake