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Voyager Pasta and Chicken with Curry Sauce


This chicken curry Pasta meal comes in a bag that can be completely burned in a bonfire. With its compact and lightweight bag, this small meal rehydrates quickly in hot water, and your meal is ready to serve in 5 minutes.

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Product Description

Voyager Pasta and Chicken with Curry Sauce

This freeze-dried meal combines curry, chicken, and pasta to give it the delicious flavor of Indian cooking.  The food bag, which weighs only 80 g, is perfect for enjoying a meal in the great outdoors, such as on a sailing adventure.  It is high in proteins and provides close to 316 Kcal in calorie intake, which will boost your energy for physical activities.

  • Rehydrates quickly, meal is ready in 5 minutes
  • One of the best-selling freeze-dried meals from ´Voyager´, a ´Falières Nutrition´s French brand.
  • Pair this dish with an energy bar for full energy intake



Voyager is a French company specializing in the production of outdoor meals. The freeze-dried ingredients for their meals are sourced as close to their headquarters in Gascognes as possible.
These practical and lightweight outdoor meals come in packaging that takes up minimal space. Thanks to the freeze-drying process, the ingredients retain their nutritional value, ensuring long shelf life without the need for added preservatives. In varying natural conditions, these meals can be prepared using either cold or hot water.
Voyager offers a versatile range of meals designed to meet the nutritional needs of every adventure seeker, whether you’re a hiker, desert marathon enthusiast, or a sailor!