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Voyager Organic Chicken with Rice and Apple


This Norman-style rice and chicken is a certified Organic farming freeze-dried meal. It is without additives and will be a source of proteins during your outings like expeditions for instance.

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Product Description

Voyager Organic Chicken with Rice and Apple

This organic freeze-dried meal with Norman-style rice and chicken from Voyager is ready in 5 minutes after rehydrating with 160 ml of warm water.

This pouch is small and lightweight, weighing only 80g, making it ideal for carrying everywhere you go. Furthermore, you can burn the pouch in a fire to avoid waste in your backpack.

  • You can complete this meal with a desser to improve the energy intake
  • Voyager is a French brand which produces freeze-dried breakfasts, meals, starters, desserts
  • Another organic recipe from Voyager: Oriental-style semolina and chicken