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Voyager Apple and Raspberry Crumble


This freeze-dried lactose-free apple-banana crumble prepared by the French brand Voyager weighs only 75 g and can be easily carried in your backpack.

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Product Description

Voyager Apple and Raspberry Crumble

The French brand Voyager created this freeze-dried dessert. It has 301 kcal and a good amount of carbs, helping you to prevent hypoglycemia throughout your outdoor adventure. It is prepared in the same way as other freeze-dried foods. Simply open the sachet, add cold water, and wait 5 minutes. It's easy and quick. This crumble is great for breakfast, a snack, or dessert. A note from Freezedried & Co: 'A freeze-dried crumble. It could appear unexpected. Yes, it is! However, in a nice way. It tastes like crumble, apple, and raspberry. This sweet touch is nice towards the conclusion of the meal and helps you to finish in style.'
  • A small, compact and light bag
  • by Voyager, a Falières Nutrition brand which also supplies Decathlon
  • Made in France