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Vaude Hexagon Pin 19 cm (6 items) Pegs


Secure your tent on stony ground with our Snow and Sand Peg 31 cm (6 items). Lightweight and stiff, these hexagonal tent pegs are perfect for small and medium tents on medium hard floors.

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Product Description

Snow and Sand Peg 31 cm (6 items) for Hiking: Lightweight and Stiff Hexagonal Tent Pegs

Looking for tent pegs that can provide a secure hold on stony ground during your trekking adventures? Our Snow and Sand Peg 19 cm (6 items) are specifically designed for this purpose.

Crafted from lightweight and stiff aluminum AL 6063, these tent pegs provide a reliable hold in medium hard floors. The orange anodized finish ensures high visibility, making them easy to locate in low light conditions.

The hexagonal cross-section provides additional stiffness and prevents the peg from rotating in the ground, ensuring a secure hold for small and medium tents. With one packaging unit containing six tent pegs, you’ll have everything you need to set up camp and stay safe and secure during your next trekking adventure.

Choose our Snow and Sand Peg 19 cm (6 items) for a lightweight, reliable, and easy-to-use solution to all your camping needs on stony ground.

Tech Specs

  • Developed for Hiking
  • Further applications: Trekking
  • Weight: 15 g
  • Tent footprint: 0,0 m²
  • Inner tent footprint: 0,0 m²
  • Total Weight: 110,00 g