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Summit To Eat Chicken Fried Rice

This freeze-dried picnic meal includes chicken, veggies, eggplant, and rice in teriyaki sauce.

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Product Description

Summit To Eat Chicken Fried Rice

All of the food for the Summit To Eat trip has already been prepared once, and then it has been freeze-dried. All of the flavors and aromas can be blended evenly throughout the meal thanks to this preparation method. The Summit To Eat excursion meals are incredibly excellent and additive-free because of these preparation methods. The meals provided by Summit To Eat are easy to prepare. The camping meal can be prepared by simply adding hot water to the bag, stirring, and waiting a few minutes. Anywhere you travel, you can use Summit To Eat muonas in hiking situations, in a cabin, on a boat, or at a construction site. The products don't include artificial flavors, palm oil, monosodium glutamate, or maltodextrin. The product has a 7-year shelf life after the date of manufacture. Raw materials and allergens (in bold) Long grain rice (36%), cooked chopped chicken (14%), diced onion (13%), diced bell pepper (8%), green bean (8%), sweet corn (8%), rapeseed oil, fried omelette (), chopped garlic, teriyaki sauce (soy sauce (water, salt, non-genetically modified soybeans, roasted wheat , sugar), sugar, spirit vinegar, ginger, salt, garlic, modified corn starch), salt, white pepper. Single
  • Dry weight: 121 g
  • Complete portion: 471 g
  • Amount of water to be added: 350 ml
  • Energy amount: 603 Kcal
  • Dose characteristics: Lactose-free