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Sea to Summit Kitchen Tool Kit 10 Set Black

Your all-in-one, lightweight outdoor cooking and cleaning solution, designed for the ultimate backcountry culinary experience.”

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Product Description

Sea to Summit Kitchen Tool Kit 10 Set: Compact & Versatile Outdoor Cooking Essentials

Immerse yourself in the full outdoor cooking experience with the Sea to Summit Kitchen Tool Kit 10 Set. This comprehensive 10-piece cooking and wash kit is meticulously designed for your backcountry camp kitchen, offering both flexibility and strength when you need it most.

Crafted keeping the dedicated camp cook in mind, the tools feature an ergonomic handle that enhances grip and comfort during use. Made with glass-reinforced Nylon and food-grade silicone, the cooking tools are not only strong but incredibly lightweight, contributing to the overall ease of your wilderness culinary adventures.

This dynamic combination of materials ensures the perfect balance between flex and strength – providing enough flexibility to expertly flip pancakes and the rigidity necessary to scrape off stubborn burnt rice. The tools’ design emphasizes easy and efficient cleanup, shaped to scrape clean the sides of your cookware without hassle.

The Sea to Summit Kitchen Tool Kit 10 Set is also incredibly compact. Just fold the handle when you’re done with your camp cooking, and it easily stows inside the 1.2L Alpha and Sigma Pots. This makes it an excellent companion for fast-and-light backpacking trips, where packing efficiency and weight are key.

Embrace the joy of outdoor cooking without compromising on convenience with the Sea to Summit Kitchen Tool Kit 10 Set. It’s your comprehensive solution for a fantastic wilderness cookout!

Tech Specs

  • Kit includes:
    • Folding Spatula: For easy cooking and flipping
    • Folding Serving Spoon: Perfect for serving meals
    • Pot Scrubber: Ensures thorough cleaning of cookware
    • 50ml Wilderness Wash: Ideal for cleaning dishes or general hygiene
    • 2x 50ml + 1x 100ml Reusable Spice/Oil Bottles: Convenient for carrying your favorite spices or oils
    • Double-Sided Washcloth: Useful for cleaning and scrubbing
    • DryLite Dish Towel: Quick-drying for efficient clean-up
    • Hangable Nylon Storage Roll: Keeps your tools organized and easy to access