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A new type of hiking and national park book brings readers to Finland’s most beautiful sights.

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Reppuretki Kansallispuistoon

A new type of hiking and national park book brings readers to Finland's most beautiful sights. Olli Järvenkylä and photographer Tomi Rantanen have created a new type of camping and national park book that brings the reader to Finland's most magnificent landscapes. The book provides numerous approaches to explore nature reserves in addition to full descriptions of national parks. Skiing and kayaking, bikepacking, trail running, backpacking, and other interesting activities are provided in addition to traditional hiking and backpacking trips.

Along with hikers, the book features people and businesses who work in national parks. Using QR codes, images and text information can be extended beyond the book to include videos and podcasts.

The beautiful photographs shot by Rantanen in various seasons, as well as the short stories written by Järvenkylä about his adventures, bring the national parks right to your sofa and table . It's easy to become inspired and motivated to arrange and organize your own national park visit.