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Platypus Gravityworks Water Filter System


Pump-free, high-capacity water filtration for groups and basecamps.

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Product Description

Platypus Gravityworks Water Filter System

The high-capacity GravityWorks Water Filter System filter, which can filter up to 1.75 liters per minute without pumping, is one of the simplest and fastest methods to receive filtered water in the backcountry. The GravityWorks, which comes in two sizes—6.0L and 4.0L—is great for larger hiking groups or basecamps. With a total capacity of 8 or 12 liters, either model easily provides filtered water for drinking, washing up, cooking, and cleaning. With the GravityWorks system, you can spend less time collecting water and more time enjoying your group.

  • No pumping required: simply fill the unclean tank, hang it, and let gravity do the rest—yes, filtering water can be as simple as fill, hang, and relax.
  • Filters up to 1.75 liters per minute and has a microfilter lifespan of 1,500 liters.
  • Effective: Each microfilter is independently tested to guarantee that it passes all EPA and NSF criteria for removing 99.9999 percent of bacteria and 99.9% of protozoa*.
  • Lightweight and compact: The system weighs 11.5 oz. (326 g) and takes up less space than typical 1L bottles.
  • Group-ready: The total capacity of 8 or 12 liters (4.0L/6.0L filtered + 4.0L/6.0L unfiltered) readily supplies water for groups.
  • Field-cleanable: To preserve filter performance, the microfilter can be readily backflushed in 4 seconds.
  • The microfilter's hundreds of tiny hollow fibers allow it to filter water faster than ordinary filter media.
  • Collecting and distributing water is simple: just open the top, scoop water, and close; regulate distribution of filtered water with the hose valve clamp.

Clean reservoir (4.0L or 6.0L), Dirty reservoir (4.0L or 6.0L), Hollow Fiber microfilter, hoses, valve clamp, and storage bag are included.

*This includes Giardia, Cryptosporidium, E. coli, and others. E. coli, Salmonella, and Cholera

Tech Specs

  • Sizes: 4.0L & 6.0L
  • Weight: 0.33 kg | 0.35 kg
  • Width: 8 cm | 26 cm
  • Length: 24 cm | 49 cm
  • Effective against bacteria: Yes
  • Effective against chemicals/toxins: No
  • Effective against particulate: Yes
  • Effective against protozoa: Yes
  • Effective against viruses: No
  • Filter media: Hollow Fiber
  • Filter pore size (microns): 0.2
  • Flow (L/min): 1.75 liters per min
  • Cartridge life: 1500 liters
  • Field cleanable: Yes
  • Water Bottle Adapter: No
  • Cartridge replacement indicator: No
  • Material(s): Polyethylene
  • Country of Origin: Made in U.S.A. of U.S. and Imported Materials