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Nordic For You – Nettle Seeds – 15 g


Nettle Seed for Vegetable Roasts, Side Dishes, Sauces, Stews, Soups, Pies, Pancakes, Breads and Rolls. 100% Finnish Organic Nettle Seed. Pure Taste of Nordic Nature

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Product Description

Nordic For You Nettle Seeds - 15 g

You can add variety to your dishes, snacks, and pastries by using wild plants. They introduce you to new flavors. The plants are from nature. The journey from the point of collection or cultivation to the dryer is short, and quick handling preserves the plant's good qualities. Even in the dead of winter, powders, groats, and seeds will bring summer to your plate.

With the exception of northernmost Lapland, nettle is a perennial grass plant that thrives in populated areas throughout the country. Nettle is without a doubt the most adaptable of our native plants. Nettle has been used in cooking since Roman times. Nettle is an excellent nutrient carrier. Because calcium is abundant in nettle, it is also a good source of calcium in a vegetarian diet.

Tech Specs

  • Usage: for Smoothie, Yogurt and Baking
  • Ingredients: 100% Finnish organic nettle seed.
  • Gluten-free, vegan