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Non-Stop Dogwear CaniX Belt


A comfortable belt for running at any level.

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Product Description

Non-Stop Dogwear CaniX Belt

This lightweight running belt is designed for maximum performance. The innovative design relieves lower back pain and improves proper running technique. They worked with professional canicross racers to create the CaniX belt, which has become a favorite of multiple World champion canicrosser Ben Robinson and numerous other top competitors.

The belt is lightweight and extremely durable, weighing only 280 grams. Running comfort is guaranteed by technical and breathable materials at any temperature. As a standard attachment point for your dog's bungee leash, the CaniX belt includes a locking carabiner. The carabiner moves forward on a loop. It moves with your teammate, applying equal pressure on your hips even if the dog is pulling off-center. It is easier to maintain balance and contact with your dog in this position, as well as in turns. CaniX Belt provides several adjustment options to support a wide range of body types.

The running belt is available in two sizes: Small and Medium. On the backside, there is a pocket large enough to hold most smartphones. Reflective features on the belt keep you visible in the dark.

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