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Nordic For You – Lunch2Go Zucchini Soup Dry Food – 65/400g


Quick & Easy Zucchini Oats Soup, Vegan, Lactose-free. very Delicious when Boiled

Suitable for Hiker, Backpacker & Traveler

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Product Description

Lunch2Go Zucchini Soup

The Mediterranean zucchini arrived in Finland in the 17th century, when we were taught to grow “summer pumps.” The long-model zucchini is the most well-known variety in the United States and throughout Europe. The modern zucchini is a vegetable that was developed in Italy in the early nineteenth century. The color of zucchini can range from yellow to dark green. The mild flavor complements soups well. The largest zucchini grown in Finland weighs 46.8 kg.

The organic oats used in the dining room are gluten-free and come from the Nojosniemi organic farm in Vaajakoski. We gathered wild herbs from our own farm. Zucchini soup from Lunch2Go is a tasty vegetarian option.

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Vegetables and mushrooms contain up to 90% fresh water and 75% meat. When food is dried, an average of 80% of the water in the portion is removed at the same time. At the manufacturing stage, the water is returned by stewing or boiling. One dose has a dry weight of 65 to 90 grams. When food is prepared, it weighs approximately 400 grams.

Manage Your Energy

All portions are low in fat and have not been supplemented. Many people require more energy, especially when traveling. It can be cultivated with cooking oil, butter, or ghee (clarified butter). One tablespoon of cooking oil adds about 120 kcal to your energy. To taste, spices and salt can be added. It is easier to add fats and spices to portions than it is to remove them.

Dry Food Preparation

  1. To the cookware, add the ingredients and 4.5 dl. Boil 4.5 dl of water on a stove, kettle, or fire for 8 minutes, stirring occasionally, then set aside for 7 minutes.
  2. Place the ingredients in the food thermos and cover with approximately 3.5 – 4 dl of boiling water. Close the food thermos after stirring. Food will be ready in 2 hours. It keeps you warm for 6 hours.

You can prepare the food before leaving so that it is ready when hunger strikes. Thermos production is also well suited for group outdoor dining. Cooking in a food thermos is recommended. The volume of a suitable thermos is 0.4 to 0.5 dl.

Tech Specs

Nutritional value and ingredients

Potato, OATS, zucchini 15.2%, carrot, onion, parsnip, parsley, goat tube, field cabbage, kale, garlic, black pepper, vegetable broth. Nutritional content per serving : Energy / 1211.21 kJ / 289.44 kcal, Fat 2.10 g of which saturated / reserves 0.34 g Carbohydrate 44.14 g of which sugars / reserves 17 .81 g Protein 8.97 g Salt 2.4 g Fiber 14.05 g

The dry matter is combined with water, and the finished food portion weighs 400 grams. You can add energy by using cooking oil, butter, or ghee / one cup of milk to a mild, one tablespoon of it is approximately 120 kcal

Storage and aging: Store in a cool, dry place at room temperature. Temperature and rum temperature are both 12 months / month.

Additional information

Vegan & Lactose Free