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Nordic For You Blackcurrant Syrup 100ml


Vegan and Gluten-free Noble Berry Garden Syrup for a Variety of Dishes!

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Product Description

N4Y Blackcurrant Syrup 100ml

The delicious syrups syrups season various dessert portions, pastries, and cold and hot beverages. They’re also great for marinating vegetables and meat. Flavor syrup makes an excellent gift or gift!

Vitamin C is abundant in blackcurrant. It grows wild and cultivated throughout most of Europe. Many people are surprised to learn that blackcurrant is a wild and native plant species in Finland. Many cultivars have been developed that are more productive than wild strains. The magazines are used in a variety of ways, including making tea, herbs and spices, and preserving cucumbers.

Uses of Blackcurrant Syrup

  • Desserts:
    Perfect for sweetening and decorating a variety of desserts and snacks. An absolute guy with ice cream, pancakes or pancake, toast and berries and fruit. May also surprise with white cheese. Try the oven banana.
  • Cooking: We recommend trying blackcurrant syrup with chicken and turkey.
  • Drinks: Suitable for hot and cold drinks as a spice and sweetener. If you crave currant flavor for mixed drinks, this is the right spice.

Tech Specs

Product Information

Ingredients: Cane sugar, blackcurrant extract 25%, lemon. Nutritional content 100 g: Enegia 1261 kj (301 kcal), fat / fat 0 g, of which saturated / reserve rotten, carbohydrates / kohlhydrater 74 g, of which sugar / reserve socker 74 g, protein 0 g, salt / salt 0 g. Additive-free / inga filler. Storage at room temperature

Additional Information

Vegan and gluten-free


Nordic For You

Nordic For You is a brand established by Crenocon in 2007. The company specializes in producing products made from locally sourced natural ingredients for the health and beauty of both humans and animals.
Nordic For You is committed to reducing carbon emissions through sustainable cultivation practices and minimizing transportation distances. They prioritize recycling and utilize bioenergy in the drying process of their plants. The company also leverages digital tools such as BioERP and other platforms across all aspects of their operations.