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Keep your blades in good condition with the Marttiini Latta Diamond Sharpener, featuring two different roughness surfaces for sharpening knives and a groove for sharpening hooks.

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Product Description

Marttiini Latta Diamond Sharpener: Keep Your Knives Razor-Sharp

The Marttiini Latta Diamond Sharpener is the perfect tool for keeping your knives razor-sharp. With its diamond-coated surface, it can sharpen even the hardest blade materials, like stainless chrome steel. This flat sharpener is specially designed for knives, with two different roughness surfaces that allow you to sharpen and refine the blade with ease. The roughened handle provides a secure and comfortable grip, while the built-in groove is perfect for sharpening hooks.

Whether you’re a professional chef or an outdoor enthusiast, the Marttiini Latta Diamond Sharpener is a must-have tool for keeping your blades in top condition. Simply use water while sharpening and remember to wash and dry the sharpener after use. Invest in the Marttiini Latta Diamond Sharpener today and experience the ultimate in precision sharpening.

Tech Specs

  • Sharpener material: steel alloy, diamond coating
  • Sharpener length: 25.5 cm
  • Total length: 15.5 cm
  • Handle material: rubber

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