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Lemmenjoki 1:100 000 / 1:50 000 Karttakeskus


Lemmenjoki 1:100,000 / 1:50,000 outdoor map is printed on water-resistant synthetic material and packed in a cardboard box. A yellow symbol on the deck indicates durable domestic outdoor maps.

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Lemmenjoki 1:100 000 / 1:50 000 Karttakeskus

You may find peace in the forest in the Lemmenjoki National Park area. A beautiful river valley, desolate mountain boulders, and wide ridges dominate the area. In Lemmenjoki, anyone interested in wilderness culture will find gold diggers, reindeer husbandry structures, and historical huts. The outdoor map covers the full national park, from Menesjärvi to Korsatuva and Pulju, as well as Angel to Kuttura and Pokka. On the Norwegian side, you can also view a large portion of the vre Anarjohka National Park to the north. The Gold Route, a thematic route representing gold mining, is marked on the map.

The map's material is totally waterproof, can withstand almost unlimited folding, and does not tear during routine map use. The properties are also sustained in cold and hot temperatures. The map is soft to the touch and lighter than paper maps.

The two-sided map covers huts, routes, and other camping services, as well as places to eat and stay, in addition to terrain data. Ten sights or experiences from the area have been added to the map and are explained in a few phrases on the map's border in Finnish and English. The map's boundary includes the coordinates of all the sheds in the area as well as information about the deviation. The primary map scale is 1: 100,000, which is appropriate for navigating through a very wide wilderness (1cm on the map = 1 km on the landscape). In addition, the map includes a more accurate 1:50 000 scale (1 cm on the map = 500 m in terrain) map of the Lemmenjoki valley with its surroundings, where most hikers move.