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Recharge your headlamp in a travel case so it’s always ready!
These incredibly handy and stylish accessories will attract to anybody who regularly travels with their outdoor light. The Powercase is the ideal travel box, with an integrated Magnetic Charge System connection.

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Product Description

Ledlenser Powercase

The Ledlenser Powercase is the ideal travel case for your headlamp since it not only protects it but also recharges it using an easy internal magnetic charging connector. The case's built-in 5,000 mAh power bank can charge your torch numerous times or charge another electrical item. It offers safe and secure transportation and recharging of compatible Ledlenser MH and iH Series lights, weighing just 218.2 g. It has an attached carabiner for quick access and a battery status indicator to let you know when it needs to be charged again.


  • Storage and charging in one convenient case.
  • Transporting your light and electronic equipment safely
  • Charge System - a power bank with a capacity of 5000 mAh is supplied.
  • Battery charge level indicator - tells you precisely how much power is remaining in the battery.
  • Snap hook - for easy fastening and carrying of the Powercase

Tech Specs

Compatible with the MH4*, MH5*, MH7, MH8, iH5R, and iH9R Headlamps.
*Only versions of the MH4 and MH5 equipped with the Magnetic Charge System can be charged internally.