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The topo map is the best choice for hiking, fishing, and hunting in areas of Lapland where no outdoor maps have been printed and you’ve had to depend on many regular terrain maps to get around.

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Karttakeskus Tuntsa Naruska Tulppio

Topocaps are waterproof and tear-resistant foldable terrain maps of Finland. The maps are resistant to wear and tear from repeated usage and folding. The data content matches to traditional paper terrain maps, and the underlying material is the National Land Survey’s terrain database.

The topo map distribution in magazines is suited to the demands of hikers. In addition, symbols indicate deserted and reserved areas on the maps, and the map content extends to the Norwegian and Swedish sides of the national border.

The two-sided map magazine Tuntsa Naruska Tulppio 1:50 000 includes the Tuntsa wilderness area in the municipalities of Salla and Savukoski, as well as the adjacent hiking terrain. The FAQ hiking route crosses the map from northern Tulppio to southern Naruska via Tuntsa. The fishing waters of the Tuntsajoki, Naruskajoki, and Värriöjoki rivers are also included.



Karttakeskus is a specialized brand within the Tapio Group, focusing on maps and cartography.
Karttakeskus is renowned for its classics, including GT maps, outdoor maps, reference books, and Loisto navigation software, all of which have established themselves as leading resources in their respective fields.
The Tapio Group is actively engaged in responsible business practices, actively promoting sustainability and measures aimed at addressing climate change. The company’s operations are characterized by a deep respect for environmental values, biodiversity, and the significance of forests in the lives of the Finnish people.