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Meet the finest sleeping hammock. A hammock tent that is simple, lightweight, and all-in-one. The Haven Tent is best suited to small to medium-sized campers. It’s difficult to match an excellent original in terms of pack size and weight. Haven makes sleeping the highlight of the camping experience.

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Product Description

Haven Tent Camping Hammock

With the original lay flat hammock, you can bring a decent night's sleep into the wilderness. This camping hammock will keep you comfortable whether you sleep on your side, back, or stomach.

This basic Haven Tent, like the Haven XL, is rated at 285 lb (130 kg). However, this package is best suited for those weighing less than 180 pounds (80 kg). Haven XL and Haven Safari are suitable for bigger campers.

Haven Tents' creative design makes it the best hammock for sleeping, with so many features that combine to create a flat and comfortable platform.

  • Suspension arcs keep the sidewalls low, support the flat sleeping platform, and make getting in and out of the hammock a comfort.
  • Internal spreader bars prevent the hammock from collapsing on you.
  • The horizontal tube sleeping pad fits tightly within the tent and offers a comfortable, insulated surface while preventing the tent sides from wrapping around you.
  • The structural ridgeline allows you to lay flat regardless of tree spacing.
  • Waterproof - 4000mm waterproofing for the rainfly and 3000mm for the hammock body. There's no reason to be worried about the weather.
  • The hammock is exceptionally stable due to the fixed-elevated anchor points. It's impossible to flip!

Haven Tent Hammock with Rainfly (Standard) and Insect Net
Orange Insulated Pad
Guy Lines, Stakes & Straps

Tech Specs

  • Material: Both the fly and hammock are made with 70d Ripstop Polyurethane with a waterproof rating of 4000mm.
  • Length: 198 cm
  • Width: 60 cm
  • Max Capacity: 129 kg
  • Packed Size (including pad): 14″ x 6″ x 8″
  • Kit Total Weight with Insulated Pad: 3160 g
  • Standard Rainfly Weight: 521 g
  • Rainfly Dimensions: 73″ x 103″