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Haven Safari Camping Hammock incl. Safari Pad


Haven XL size, but thicker/heavier materials. They asked themselves, “How comfortable could design make this thing if weight wasn’t an issue?” They also included a lounge strap for easy reclining. Perfect for vehicle camping and backyard fun. Haven makes sleeping the highlight of the camping experience.

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Product Description

Haven Safari Camping Hammock

The Haven Safari camping hammock was created with an emphasis on comfort and durability. It's the ideal addition to your day hiking basecamp, car camping setup, or backyard getaway. The Haven Safari also looks good with its patterned rain flys and vegan suede sleeping pads. Sleep will easily become a highlight of your outdoor vacation with Haven Safari. This hammock package combines the lay-flat ingenuity of the original Haven Tent with the weight-bearing capability and space of the Haven XL. The Haven Safari is loaded with convenience features. So, what differentiates this glamping tent from the other Haven Tents? The answer is...a lot! Here are a few of the enhancements they made to make the Haven Safari the most comfortable hammock yet:
  • The hammock and rainfly are made from thicker material.
  • The Insulated Safari Air Mattress is made from thick nylon that provides added horizontal rigidity. It’s also coated in vegan suede so it’s soft and quiet.
  • The lounge strap converts the hammock into a comfy lounge chair in a matter of seconds.
  • The bug net is fixed with four zipper heads – two on each side.
  • Enjoy an increased weight capacity of 350 lb (158 kg).
  • Waterproof - 4000mm waterproofing for the rainfly and 3000mm for the hammock body. No need to worry about the elements.
INCLUDES: Haven Safari Hammock with Rainfly and Insect Net Orange Insulated Pad Guy Lines, Stakes & Straps

Tech Specs

The Haven Safari is somewhat heavier than the original Haven Tent design due to all of its luxurious features for extra comfort. It’s the ultimate glamping tent that will amaze you with how pleasurable sleeping outside can be.

  • Length: 203 cm
  • Width: 76 cm
  • Packed Size: 50x25x20 cm
  • Kit Total Weight with Insulated Pad: 5.61 kg
  • Kit Total Weight with No Pad: 3.77 kg
  • Rainfly Weight: 380 g
  • Rainfly Dimensions: 78.5″ x 112″

Hammock and Rainfly made from thick 300d Polyester Canvas.
Includes Lounge Strap. In seconds, the lounge strap converts the flat lay into a nice lounge chair. It can even be adjusted from inside the tent.
Fixed bug net with four zipper heads – two on each side

  • Weight capacity: 158 kg
  • waterproofing: 4000mm
  • Sleeping platform: 76×203 cm

Safari Insulated Pad

Made from thick nylon which provides more horizontal rigidity.
Coated in suede which makes the space quiet and soft.

  • R-Value: R4
  • Length: 203 cm
  • Width: 76 cm
  • Weight: 31757 g
  • Packed Size: 38 x 12 cm
  • Material: 40d Ripstop Nylon