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Care Plus Mosquito Net Pop-Up Head Net


A hat with a built-in mosquito net is both useful and comfortable. The Pop-Up head net is an extremely fine-meshed, non-impregnated head net. Ideal for use outdoor activities.

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Product Description

Care Plus Mosquito Net Pop-Up Headnet

Non-Impregnated Headnet Pop-Up
A hat with a built-in mosquito net provides some comfort. There will be no irritating buzzing in your ear or itching bumps on your face, neck, and ears. Squeezing your eyes to prevent small insects from flying in is a thing of the past . The Hoofdnet Pop-Up is an extremely fine mesh mainnet that is non-impregnated. Ideal for use at home and in cold areas. Do you spend time by the water or in nature? Don't forget to carry your handy main net!

Insect bites are prevented by a hat with a mosquito net
By wearing a hat with a built-in mosquito net, you can avoid being stung by mosquitoes and other stinging insects on your face, ears, and neck or neck. This fine-mesh, non-impregnated main net protects against even the smallest insects at home and on the go. This hat is one-size-fits-all: it always fits.

  • Ideal for hiking, fishing and camping in northern areas
  • Hat with built-in, fine- mesh mosquito net
  • Protection against mosquitoes, flies and very small insects such as midges
  • Manufactured according to WHO guidelines
  • Unfolds automatically


  • Unfolds automatically
  • Store your head net in its case and in a dark place
  • Wash this hat with incorporated mosquito net by hand
  • Use a chlorine-free detergent
  • Do not iron or tumble dry the head net
  • Do not dry clean

Tech Specs

  • Mesh size: 1010. According to WHO standards
  • Dimensions net (Ø x h): 1100 x 580 mm
  • Dimensions packaging (Ø x h): 150 x 30 mm
  • Weight: 160 grams
  • Made from durable polyester fibre