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Have you ever tried baking charcoal buns or pizza on a hot stone? This book is about something easy and amazing: cooking over a fire.

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Calazo Nuotioruokaa

Only a few phenomena provide us with the same level of satisfaction as fire, food, and nature. In addition to camping, cooking at the campfire also combines the key elements of slow life – to be present,  letting things take their time, and working together with friends.

The book introduces the most typical cooking fires, including heap fires, star fires, pagodas, and hunter’s stoves. The book’s tips will teach you how to use a bottom pan, a grill, a halter, and a cast iron skillet. The book also includes more unusual cooking techniques such as baking with a stone, smoking in a tent, cooking with charcoal, and stewing in a pit with hot stones.

At the end of the book, there is a collection of dishes with detailed directions on how to prepare a full chicken from reindeer soup over charcoal heat. Cooking and gourmet can only be limited by your own taste and imagination.