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Calazo’s Kebnekaisefjällen 1:100.000 map is a tear-resistant and waterproof map covering the entire Kebnekaisefjällen mountain massif, from Abisko to Saltoluokta. Ideal for longer trips or snowmobile adventures, this map offers a good overview of the area and is made of durable Tyvek material.

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Product Description

Calazo Kebnekaisefjällen 1:100.000 Map: Ideal for Longer Trips and Snowmobile Adventures

Looking for a reliable mountain map that covers a vast area of Kebnekaisefjällen mountain massif? Calazo’s Kebnekaisefjällen 1:100.000 map is the ideal choice for longer trips or covering larger areas with snowmobiles.

This map features the same appearance and content as traditional mountain maps produced by the Land Survey, but with the added benefit of Tyvek® material. Tyvek is a synthetic fiber that makes the map completely insensitive to water and highly tear-resistant, ensuring that it won’t tear in the folds or lose color when you use it.

The Calazo Kebnekaisefjällen 1:100.000 map covers the entire Kebnekaisefjällen from Abisko, Riksgränsen, and Narvik in the north to Ritsem, Vakkotavare, and Saltoluokta in the south. For more detailed information, we recommend our mountain maps at a scale of 1:50,000.

Plan your next adventure confidently with Calazo’s Kebnekaisefjällen 1:100.000 map, the perfect tool for exploring the stunning landscape of Kebnekaisefjällen.