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Bushmen UltraLight Hammock Suspension System


A complete and lightweight hammock suspension system for outdoor use.

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Product Description

Bushmen UltraLight Hammock Suspension System

Dedicated to all people who enjoy traveling light while also caring for nature by following the motto "leave no trace." The hammock is easily fastened between the trees using two straps that do not harm the tree bark and are easy to level with the whoopie slings.

The entire set is connected on both sides with Ultralight carabiners.


Two tree huggers are placed every two meters throughout the set.
The single strap has five loops on one side and one loop on the other.
Because of this structure, they are light and allow for a wide range of circumference adjustment when wrapping the tree.

PRO Whoopie Slings

After you've wrapped the trees, use the carabiners to link one of the tree hugger strap loops to the loop on the fixed whoopie sling. You may hang the hammock at the desired height by choosing one of the five placement choices. The whoopie sling's moveable loops can be used to adjust tension and leveling.

The ends of PRO Whoopie slings are equipped with special hooks. You may easily hang your bags because of this.

The fixed loops of the whoopie sling can also be interlocked with the single loop of the suspension strap. Connect the hammock to the moving loops of the whoopie sling using the carabiners included in the Hammock ULTRALIGHT suspension system set.

When your hammock does not have its own carabiners, or when you want to keep the total weight of your gear to a minimum, this setting is recommended.


Carabiners that are ultra-lightweight — only 21g!
The best tool for connecting hammock set parts.
The carefully rounded edges are designed not only to be nice to hold in your hand, but also to avoid being tangled or hooked in the lines and straps with which they are used.
Its multi-functionality and minimal weight make it an important piece of gear for even the most enthusiastic ultralight backpackers.

Everything is contained in a handy carrying bag.

Tech Specs


  • 2x ULTRALIGHT – Tree Huggers 2m
  • 2x PRO Whoopie slings
  • 2x ULTRALIGHT Carabiners
  • HANDY Pocket