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Anfibio Vertex Multi Tour Paddle


Paddle has been revised and redesigned for use with two-person packrafts, either alone or with two people. The lightweight fiber glass kayak paddle converts easily into two canoe paddles and even a SUP paddle. At a free angle, the position length can be adjusted from 210cm to 225cm.

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Product Description

Anfibio Vertex Multi Tour Paddle

In 2021, the Vertex multi-paddle was completely redesigned ("Tour"). It keeps the large blade surface and optimized shape, but it's much lighter and more appealing in terms of price-performance ratio. It can also now be adjusted in length and angle using a clamp lock. These characteristics are unrivaled, especially as a single blade canoe paddle.

The Anfibio Vertex Multi Tour was created specifically for use with packrafts, which can be used as single or double. The two extenders allow for a quick conversion from a double paddle to two paddles for paddling in pairs. Furthermore, an extender can be used in place of a blade. This results in a SUP paddle with a length of 189-204 cm and a weight of 740g.

The kayak paddle has a polished fiber glass shaft, which, unlike coiled fiberglass, improves contact with your palm and fingers, reducing blisters. The blades are made of a tough Nylon-Fiberglass material. The slight dihedral design of the blades promotes a good forward stroke, while the fine edges create a smooth paddling style. The clamping ferrule design allows the blade to be angled freely. Additionally, the length can be adjusted between 210 and 225cm. There are also drip rings included.


The versatility of the Anfibio Vertex multipaddle is its strength. Get a good paddle combination if you are using your packraft alone as well as with two people and want to be flexible on tour. This paddle is designed for touring but can also handle white water. It can also be used as a SUP paddle.


A paddle leash (optional) is only recommended for open water and currents with no white water class, as well as for securing the paddle when landing and pausing.

Tech Specs

Weight: kayak paddle / canoe paddle / SUP-paddle / total: 890g / 2 x 580g / 740g / 1165g, +/-20g tolerance. Including drip rings.

Length: kayak paddle / canoe paddle / SUP-paddle: 210cm bis 225cm / 127cm bis 157cm bzw. 133 cm bis 150 cm / 188 cm – 204

Segment: 63 cm

Blade size: 45 x 18,5cm

Parts: 6

Angle: free, both sides

Material: Fibreglas shaft, nylon-fiberglass blades

Construction: Snap buttons, Drip rings, 3-hole snap buttons ferrule, Vario-lock