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Experience the art of flipping a pan with Ada-Bau’s Large Flat Pan, designed for open campfires. Fry fish, meat, and vegetables and avoid using it on hobs. Keep it in a greasy and dry place to prevent rusting.

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Product Description

Ada-Bau Small Flat Pan for Open-Fire Cooking: Genuine Slatted Pan with Removable Wooden Handle

Looking for a genuine throwing angle slag pan for an open campfire? Look no further than Ada-Bau’s Large Flat Pan! This pan is designed to optimize the experience of flipping a pan without knives and spatulas.

The pan comes with a removable wooden handle that is easy to attach to a longer model, such as a branch, and has an outer diameter of 23 cm and an inner diameter of 17 cm. The stem length is 30.5 cm, with a total length of 52 cm. The iron part of the stem is attached by welding, and the pan’s nest is made of sheet steel to withstand harsh conditions.

This pan is perfect for use over an open fire, including campfires, grills, and gas stoves. However, because the base is convex, it is not suitable for hobs. You can fry fish, meat, and vegetables in the pan, and to run it in, fry a few patties and wipe the fat from the pan.

When using the pan, be aware that it can become scalding hot, and fat can splash from it when throwing patties. Be sure to look around before throwing the pan to avoid hitting anyone nearby, especially children. To prevent rusting, store the pan in a greasy and dry place.

Invest in Ada-Bau’s Flat Pan today to experience the art of flipping a pan on your next camping trip!