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Marttiini is a Finnish company that manufactures knives. It’s head quarter is located in Rovaniemi. Blacksmith Janne Marttiini originally founded a knife factory in Rovaniemi in 1928. He then decided to create utility items whose design was based on the needs of users, high quality and the extreme conditions for which they were originally intended. Today, Marttiini is part of Rapala VMC Limited.


In Martiini knives, their appearance is important, because they are always made of domestic wood, leather and reindeer antler. The products are practical and their materials have been chosen to be suitable for the purpose of use. In the production of knives, craft traditions and craftsmanship are used to advantage together with modern technology.
J. Marttiini’s Puukkotehdas received an export award from the President of the Republic in 1967.