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Humps is a retailer of polarized sunglasses and mirrored and non-mirrored lenses. The company’s head office is located in California, USA.


Everyone has had expensive sunglasses that cause concern because they have to be constantly taken care of, or cheap sunglasses that damage the eyes after long use. After intensive research, Humps Optics realized they could do things better, so they decided to create a classic pair of polarized sunnies that keep up with the ever-changing pace of life and at a price customers want to pay.


Humps Optics is not trying to create the latest fashion trend, but rather to pay homage to the classics of the past that will endure into the future. The camel logo is a tribute to this lifestyle; feel free to explore – just stop to refuel, recharge and reflect.


The body of Humps Optics is made of dense, injection-molded plastic, which is both strong and light. Their hinges are spring loaded or 3-5 barrel herringbone metal hinges that allow for a sturdy construction and a comfortable fit on any head size. And the lenses are impact approved – 100% UV400 rated and polarized from front to back. The dark shade protects the eyes from all the sun.