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Behind COCOON TravelSheets, MummyLiners and accessories is a company called Design Salt Outdoor GmbH from Austria. Cocoon is its brand name. Its products are the result of a lifetime of travel experience. The COCOON story began in 1989 with a large, stitched-together cotton sheet that almost caused the founder of the company to fall into a Balinese river when he tried to wash it. Today, Cocoon products are sold all over the world.


Since COCOON’s early days, TravelSheets, MummyLiners and travel accessories have undergone a lot of improvements and development. Today they are sophisticated, high-quality fabrics with a wide range of functional details. They are intended for adventurers, travelers and mountaineers worldwide. COCOON TravelSheets, MummyLiners and Matkaharkøve are designed to carry passengers through the night.


Naturally social and ecological aspects have not been forgotten in the production of COCOON products. COCOON has been a member of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) since 2012, which aims for fair and just working conditions in production facilities. In addition to this, all COCOON products undergo regular inspections to ensure that they do not contain harmful substances.